February 12, 2015

Significant Sentence Variance Awarded in High Profile Drug Theft

Attorney Sabrina Puglisi earned her client a sentence of 12 months imprisonment, a variance down from the guideline range of 57-71 months imprisonment for one of the largest cargo thefts in the history of the United States.

A Miami criminal defense lawyer, Sabrina Puglisi continually gets top results for her clients.

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January 18, 2015

Cubans Convicted in the U.S. Face New Fears of Deportation

From the New York Times:
"As President Obama re-establishes diplomatic ties with Cuba after more than five decades, one priority for the administration is persuading Cuba to take back Cuban citizens who have been ordered deported.

"Sabrina Puglisi, a Miami criminal defense lawyer, cautioned noncitizen clients that pleading guilty (in criminal cases) could get them deported. "Cubans never think anything of it," she said. Now, "I think people will be more concerned about it, definitely."

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December 18, 2014

Attorney Puglisi Wins Sentence Reduction in High Profile Case

From the Sun-Sentinel:
"Debra Villegas, 47, was granted a reduction to her 10-year prison sentence by U.S. District Judge William Zloch. He changed the sentence to 48 months. With time off for good behavior, most inmates serve about 85 percent of their sentences, said Villegas' lawyer, Sabrina Puglisi."

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July 15, 2014

Federal Drug Trafficking Offenders Could Be Eligible for Reduced Sentences

On July 14, 2014, the United States Sentencing Commission voted unanimously to apply a reduction in the sentencing guideline levels applicable to most federal drug trafficking offenders retroactively, meaning that many offenders currently in prison could be eligible for reduced sentences beginning November 2015. This reduction will affect approximately 46,000 individuals currently serving a drug sentence and will give an average reduction of about 25 months, give or take the original sentence. If Congress approves the amendment, beginning on November 1, 2014, Courts will start hearing motions to reduce sentence.

UPDATE: As of November 1, 2014, the United States Sentencing Commission and Congress approved a two-level sentence reduction in drug cases. This reductions will affect approximately 46,000 individuals currently serving a drug sentence and will give an average reduction of about 25 months from the original sentence.

Call attorney Sabrina Puglisi to see if you or your loved one qualifies for this reduction. Sabrina is dedicated to helping families reunite as quickly as possible.

Top 100 Trial LawyersAttorney Sabrina Puglisi was recently recognized as one of the best trial attorneys in the state by the National Trial Lawyers Association. The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 is an invitation-only organization composed of the premier trial lawyers from each state in the nation who meet stringent qualifications as civil plaintiff and/or criminal defense trial lawyers. Selection is based on a thorough multi-phase process which includes peer nominations combined with third-party research. Membership is extended solely to the select few of the most qualified attorneys from each state who demonstrate superior qualifications of leadership, reputation, influence, stature and public profile.


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Experienced, Trusted, Ethical Criminal Defense

Miami criminal attorney Sabrina Puglisi has earned a reputation as a dedicated and successful defense lawyer with integrity and empathy. She has extensive experience as a criminal trial lawyer and her unique blend of compassion and hard work allow her to achieve great results for her defendant clients. She is an expert in criminal trial practice.

Florida Bar Certified Criminal Attorney

Sabrina Puglisi is a Florida Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney. While not all qualified criminal lawyers are board certified, those who are board certified have taken the extra steps to have their legal competence and experience evaluated. Certification is the highest level of evaluation by The Florida Bar of competency and experience within an area of law, and demonstrates outstanding professionalism and ethics in practice. Attorney Puglisi is one of only approximately 370 board certified criminal trial attorneys out of 85,000 practicing lawyers in Florida.

Miami criminal attorney Sabrina Puglisi formerly practiced at the State and Federal Public Defender offices. This experience has given Attorney Puglisi the unique perspective of knowing both systems from within. She has an excellent reputation with judges, prosecutors, probation officers and court personnel.

Attorney Puglisi is highly respected and consulted by the most proficient practitioners in the criminal law field. Ms. Puglisi is a past-president of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (FACDL), Miami Chapter, and is a representative to the statewide organization of FACDL. Her active participation in the legal community fosters good communications and relationships with members of the judiciary and criminal attorney colleagues.


Attorney Sabrina Puglisi focuses on RESULTS. Whether you need an attorney to win a trial, or negotiate the best possible sentence or plea, Attorney Puglisi has a track record of success.

Recent Victories Include:

  • NOT GUILTY verdict in a wire fraud case -- after the jury deliberated for only one hour.
  • DOWNWARD VARIANCE (sentence below the guidelines as calculated under the law) in a tax fraud case.

Compassion and Understanding

As a Miami criminal lawyer, what truly sets Sabrina Puglisi apart is her ability to understand and empathize with an accused through his or her journey through the criminal justice system. Attorney Puglisi understands the impact of criminal charges, not just on the accused, but on the loved ones. Ms. Puglisi always has two goals in every given case. First, she vigorously defends each criminal defendant client in order to achieve the best result. Second, she aids in maintaining and supporting the integrity of family. She knows how important family is, especially when someone may be held in detention pre-trial and unable to maintain regular contact with their spouse, partner, parent, or child.

Focus on the Well Being of the Defendant

The defendant's well-being is always number one concern for Miami Criminal Attorney Sabrina Puglisi. This is why she is committed to run her practice in the following way:

  • Clients will receive exceptional service. Attorney Puglisi always returns calls of clients and family members immediately.
  • Attorney Puglisi will treat each criminal defendant as a partner in representation. She understands that the person who knows their case the best is the client. For this reason, she will always ask the client for their input in defending their case.
  • Clients will never be dictated to; rather, they will understand every step of the process and will be active participants in their defense. For this reason, Ms. Puglisi will be in constant contact with the client to advise them of where their case is and where it is heading.
  • Ms. Puglisi runs a boutique law firm, meaning that she accepts a limited number of clients. She does this because she wants each client to understand that they are important to her and so that she has the necessary time to achieve the best result for the client. Sabrina Puglisi will guarantee that the client will never feel abandoned or ignored, whether the case is in hiatus or not.
  • In each defense, Attorney Puglisi incorporates the whole support structure of the accused, meaning that she will use family, friends and the background of a client to help in achieving the desired result. She does this because she recognizes the full impact of a criminal prosecution on a client and his or her family.

Humanity and an Honest Approach

Sabrina Puglisi is not an criminal attorney who is only concerned with getting cases and earning money. She will always spend time to get to know her clients by asking what brought them to this place, asking them about their family and their expectations for the future.

Attorney Puglisi uses her knowledge of each client whether by showing that human side to a jury in a trial, or obtaining a better sentence through mitigation. Above all else, the truth matters to Sabrina Puglisi. She will never provide a client with false expectations; instead, she will be honest so that the client will always know where he or she stands. She cares about people and her main concern is to procure the best result for each client within the bounds of ethics.

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Sabrina Puglisi's Miami criminal law office is conveniently located in the penthouse suite directly across the street from the United States District Courthouse in Miami. From these offices, she represents defendants in Dade County (Miami), Broward County (Ft Lauderdale), Monroe County (Key West) and throughout Florida. Attorney Puglisi is admitted to practice in Florida, the District of Columbia, all three districts of federal court in Florida (Southern District, Middle District, and Northern District) and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

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